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Cómo envolver un peluche ?

How to wrap a stuffed animal?

07-07-2021 4 min read

Isn't it gift wrapping, let alone stuffed animal wrapping? Here you have a small tutorial with images to wrap stuffed animals EASILY.
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Los 9 peluches más emblemáticos de películas y series de televisión

The 9 most iconic stuffed animals from movies and television series

13-05-2021 4 min read

Here is our list of the most iconic plushies from film and television. Feel free to suggest new stuffed animals if you need them. Good reading!
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Cómo se dice peluche en differentes idiomas ?

How do you say stuffed animal in different languages?

25-02-2021 2 min read

Do you want to know how to say stuffed animal in any language? We give you the translation! You will be able to impress your loved ones. This little cotton toy has not finished surprising us!
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¿Cómo ganar un peluche en la feria?

How do you catch a stuffed animal at the fair?

16-02-2021 2 min read

The amusement park is one of the few times you can get a free stuffed animal. However, catching one can be difficult. Thanks to some techniques and methods, it is possible to put the wheel on your side and win the prettiest or largest stuffed animal in the window.
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¿Qué tipo de oso de peluche regalar a su novia?

What kind of teddy bear to give to your girlfriend?

07-02-2021 4 min read

Are you looking for an original gift for your girlfriend for her birthday or Valentine's Day? Think about stuffed animals.
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A qué edad debo dar a mi bebé un peluche ?

At what age should I give my baby a stuffed animal?

01-02-2021 3 min read

All parents want to make their child happy from the moment they are born. This is understandable, but it is important to consider the safety and well-being of the baby. So, at what age can you give a baby a stuffed animal?
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¿Qué peluche es el favorito de los niños?

What stuffed animal is children's favorite?

22-01-2021 3 min read

Stuffed animals have been classic children's toys for decades. They play an important role in the world of children. What stuffed animal is children's favorite?
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Niños enfermos ayudados por peluches

Sick children helped by stuffed animals

24-10-2020 3 min read

It is undeniable that stuffed animals in the hospital can provide sick or injured children with help during a time of darkness and comfort.
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Elegir el animal de peluche adecuado

Choosing the right stuffed animal

08-10-2020 6 min read

Choosing the right stuffed animal for yourself or a loved one can sometimes be a challenge. But with a few simple tips, you can easily solve it.
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Peluches Son Increibles

5 Reasons Why Plush Toys Are AMAZING

04-10-2020 3 min read

Stuffed animals are awesome in general and are often left behind as we grow up. Let us give you five reasons why stuffed animals are awesome.
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¿Cómo lavar un peluche?

How to wash a stuffed animal?

16-09-2020 2 min read

How to wash a stuffed animal? Find all the tricks to clean your favorite stuffed animal. And you, which one do you use?
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Historia del Oso de Peluche

Teddy bear story

13-09-2020 4 min read

The teddy bear is fairly new historically. In fact, the teddy bear was invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt.
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Nuestra Historia

Our history

01-09-2020 1 min read

1976, the adventure begins In 1976, our grandmother created Peluches Fantasía, a stuffed animal store in her hometown. A true institution, his store offered an enchanted world for young and old...
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