Frog Stuffed Animals 🐸

Welcome to the Frog Pond.

Our stuffed frogs are crazy to be stuck here with us. They want to get out of our compound and see the world. We treat our stuffed frogs well, but they are no longer tadpoles, so they are ready to jump into a new home and make new friends.

Of course we will miss our stuffed frogs, but we have so many that we can't give them the attention they deserve. That's where you come in. A stuffed tree frog, stuffed poison frog, or stuffed frog are certainly helpful. Scroll through our plush frogs and make your choice.

We also have stuffed toads hidden with the stuffed frogs. We know there's a difference, but the stuffed toads have said they don't mind hanging out with the stuffed frogs.

If you are having trouble choosing a stuffed frog or toad, we will do our best to make it easier for you.

Stay informed