Cómo envolver un peluche ?

How to wrap a stuffed animal?

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Isn't it gift wrapping, let alone stuffed animal wrapping? Here you have a small tutorial with images to wrap stuffed animals EASILY.

Gifting is a lot of fun, but wrapping oddly shaped objects, like stuffed animals, can be boring. If you don't have gift bags on hand, you may feel like you've run out of options. Fortunately, there are several ways to wrap a stuffed animal to make it seem less bulky and more of a fun and exciting gift that any child will love.

Make a paper wrapping bag:

1) Cut a strip of paper twice as wide as the stuffed animal.

How to wrap a stuffed animal

Place the wrapping paper and put the stuffed animal on top. Roll the toy toward the center of the wrapping paper to see the width you need to cut, and then use the scissors to cut a strip of paper from the roll.

Tip: It's better to have too much paper than too little. You can cut the paper, but you can't add anything.

2) Fold the edges of the paper so they meet in the center.

How to make a gift bag

Smooth out your strip of wrapping paper and fold the outer edges vertically toward each other. Make sure they are just touching in the center without overlapping.

Make sure the toy fits into the wrapping paper and can be folded over the toy.

3) Glue the edges of the paper in the center.

Wrap a doudou
Add 2-3 pieces of clear tape to the center of the wrapping paper to hold the edges together. Leave room at the top and bottom of the wrapping paper to open it.
The clear masking tape will not alter the pattern of the wrapping paper.

4) Make a 5.1cm fold at the bottom of the paper.

Wrap a teddy bear
Place the wrapping paper so that it is oriented vertically. Take the bottom of the wrapping paper rectangle and fold it, but do not glue it.
It is not necessary to use a ruler to make the fold. Just calculate a few centimeters.

5) Press the outer edges of the fold inward.

Tutorial for wrapping a stuffed animal
Release the fold of your wrapping paper so it can stand on its own. Press each of the vertical edges of the fold into a diamond shape, then fold the paper so the diamond stays in place.
Be sure to create neat folds in the paper to create a solid base for your bag.

6) Fold the bottom and top of the diamond inwards and secure with tape.

Tutorial to wrap a doudou

Grab the top point of the diamond and fold it over about an inch, then use clear tape to secure it in place. Do the same with the bottom point of the diamond.

This will be the bottom of the bag, so the folds don't have to be perfect.

7) Place the toy in the bag.

how to pack a stuffed animal

Grab your wrapping paper and open the top. Slide the padding to open the bottom of the bag and stand it up.

8) Roll the top of the pocket down and tape it closed.

Wrap a teddy bear

Take the top of the bag and make a 2.5cm fold. Continue making small downward folds until you reach the top of the toy inside the pocket, and then tape it closed.

Add a pretty bow or ribbon to your bag for extra style, and don't forget to write who it's for on the outside.

Using other packaging materials (this last one will surprise you)

1) Place the stuffed animal in a box and wrap it.

Wrap a stuffed animal

Tape the sides and top of the box so it doesn't open. Use wrapping paper to cover the outside of the box and add a bow or ribbon on top to make it look prettier.
This is a super easy way to wrap a large stuffed animal.
You can even trick someone by placing several boxes inside a box and having them unwrap each one.

2) Wrap a large toy in a plastic tablecloth for a pop of color.

Wrap a doudou

Place a colored tablecloth on a flat surface and place the toy in the center. Pick up all the edges of the tablecloth and stack them on the toy. Wrap the excess tablecloth with ribbon and make a bow so that the toy is well wrapped.

You can reuse the tablecloth later for parties or gatherings.

3) Tie the small toys in tissue paper to look like candy.

wrap toys

Tie the legs and arms of the stuffed toy until they form a long, thin line. Find 2 or 3 pieces of tissue paper that are 2 or 3 times the length of the toy and wrap it around the toy. Tie the excess ends of the paper with ribbon on each side to make the stuffed toy look like a delicious candy.

Be careful when rolling the toy in the tissue paper so it doesn't tear.
Choose a dark colored tissue paper so that it is not transparent.

4) Place a small toy inside a balloon to make a fun pop.

Wrap a gift

Look for a large party balloon about 3 feet in diameter. Insert a small stuffed toy into the opening of the balloon and begin to inflate it. Tie the balloon and add a bow to make it more fun and exciting.
You can find large balloons at most party supply stores.

Keep the balloon away from your child until you are ready to pop it.

Tip: Make a little card that says "Pop Me!" and tie it to the balloon with a ribbon to make it even more fun and pretty.

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