Baby Stuffed Animals

A stuffed animal is the ideal companion for the baby: soft, it will be there to comfort him, calm him and deal with his anger and crying spells.

Choose the stuffed animal for the baby that you like the most among all the stuffed animals available. Whether it is a stuffed cat, a stuffed rabbit or any other animal, or a giant or crocheted stuffed animal , you will find the ideal teddy for your baby. An original and precious gift for the baby, to offer as a birth gift or Christmas gift.

At Peluches Fantasía you will find many plush toys for your child!

The first stuffed animal for the baby

Are you looking for a gift idea for your child for a special occasion? We offer you a wide variety of stuffed animals, plush toys and toys adapted to each age, for cuddly or play moments.

To celebrate a birth, the ideal gift is a stuffed animal , this very special object that the baby will choose and that will accompany him everywhere for all his grandchildren. Choose the one that may become your daily companion, the one that shares your laughter, your joys but also your sorrows, take into account its shape, its texture, but also its tactile interest. It should be flat, easy to twist, easy to handle and easy to put in your mouth.

By choosing a stuffed animal with a rattle, all the requirements of young children are met, and they can enjoy playing with it while they wait to go to sleep. What is a rattle blanket? A stuffed animal that takes the shape of a fun animal, associated with a rattle, that will stimulate your interest and awaken your curiosity.

A little advice: to make the teddy you have chosen for a baby become the one, give it to the mother so that she can soak it in its aroma beforehand.

Stuffed animals or toys to accompany your child in their development

For a birth or a little one's birthday, a teddy bear is always a good idea. A child never tires of adopting a new bear, panda, rabbit or other animal that will join their new playmates for moments of tenderness. For a child, there are never too many!

Stuffed animals and bears are your baby's first companions. These transitional objects accompany you in your discovery of the world. To help parents make the best choice, Peluches Fantasía offers a varied selection of stuffed animals and stuffed toys.

Plush comes in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. It's a necessity in the baby world! It is necessary to take a resistant model that complies with NF standards, but always adapted to the size of your child's age. So, for little ones, choose a model that emits neither light nor sound so as not to risk waking them up.

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