Koala Stuffed Animals 🐨

The koala bear, small Australian sloth:

With its adorable little stocky body, short limbs and big round ears, the koala bear has made the entire world break down. Its thick fur is very pleasant to the touch. It is found in the southern and eastern regions of Australia, where there is enough moisture to support forests. In fact, this species of herbivorous marsupials is today threatened by the fragility and decline of its natural habitat, after having been hunted massively for its fur. To protect themselves, this species climbs trees because they are too slow to escape. That is why deforestation and fires are terrible for this species, trapping many individuals in the treetops. They feed mainly on eucalyptus trees.

The Koala Plush, a wise choice:

If you can't adopt one of these missing little marsupials at home, choose to foster one of these irresistible koala plush animals into your home.
You can choose from a large number of koalas, each one more irresistible than the other. A giant stuffed animal to hold against you or adorable stuffed animals to hug. You can even find a small stuffed baby koala for your child if he or she is a first-year child.

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