Nuestra Historia

Our history

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1976, the adventure begins

In 1976, our grandmother created Peluches Fantasía, a stuffed animal store in her hometown. A true institution, his store offered an enchanted world for young and old. Their stuffed animals, each one prettier and softer than the other, were of impeccable quality.

The best stuffed animal store in Spain

Our Stuffed Animals Store

For almost 30 years, it has been the dream of entire generations. Whether to buy a stuffed animal or even to go for a walk with the family, everyone ran to Peluches Fantasía. Spaniards, Catalans, movie stars, Peluches Fantasía had no borders; according to the guest book, you could even meet Rocío Jurado, Rossy de Palma, Penélope Cruz or Mickaël Jackson!

A passion transmitted...

Myself with my favorite stuffed animal

We grew up surrounded by these stuffed animals! Every Wednesday afternoon, we spend time in the store, playing shopkeeper. In 2007, at the age of 70, our grandmother decided to take some time for herself... and we continued on our way. But time passed and we returned to stuffed animals: first with the first birth gifts for our mothers, then when we ourselves became mothers; We couldn't find the beautiful stuffed animals that had cradled us throughout our childhood!

...and 10 years later...The Fantasia plush is reborn!

Our Website

In 2016, we launched! We made the crazy bet that we were not the only ones who regretted the stuffed animals of our childhood: quality stuffed animals, made with beautiful materials, according to true know-how and above all, a unique expression. Today, we sell mainly online and can deliver anywhere in Spain and even worldwide!

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