Cat Stuffed Animals 🐱

Cat story:

The cat is undoubtedly one of our most familiar animals, and for good reason! Originally wild, revered and considered sacred in ancient Egypt, they have been domesticated for centuries and populate many French homes to the point of becoming stars of animal plush. Throughout history, different species have appeared and today, to our great delight, there are more than 60 cat breeds, from the Maine Coon to the Persian cat and the alley cat. One thing's for sure, he's still the ideal prankster and stuffed companion and one of the most popular, especially when he's a kitten!

Why do we like the cat so much?

The cat is the pet par excellence and not in vain! Sometimes cute, sometimes a real lion, he is the perfect companion, which will make you go bankrupt in the apartment or house, he is small and adaptable and also very independent.
Often endowed with white and gray fur, the cat is the most famous of all animal plush toys! Nothing better than a little tiger at home.
We love to hug him. So he only asks you if he wants your petting, which is to say, very often! 😻😻

Why the stuffed cat?

Particularly adapted to children, the cat plush stands out for its calming and playful character. Whether it is a cute ultra-soft plush toy for small children in a plush or in a more playful version to cuddle, see accessories, or a giant plush, and finally a pink, gray or Siamese cat, it is one of the favorite plush toys not only in France but in Europe. No dolls here, just a cute plush toy for a stuffed animal that will make you laugh all the time.
The cat is calming, the cat is affectionate, the cat is soft and the plush cat is all soft.... so many sought-after qualities to decorate your dream with a little softness. Do not wait more! Who will be the one of your nights?

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What kind of Cat Plush is right for me?

Don't worry, there's definitely a stuffed cat for the boy and girl! Browse through our cat plush collection to find the perfect birth gift idea! For the baby. In fur, velvet or even embroidered and warm like a plush hot water bottle thanks to its filling, this cat plush collection will make you happy! The perfect birth gift or for any child at the first age, it is a promise.

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