¿Cómo lavar un peluche?

How to wash a stuffed animal?

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His teddy bear that he carries with him all the time is a little dusty. How do you clean everything?

Children's stuffed animals and soft toys are true nests of germs because they are taken everywhere: to daycare, shopping, to the park... Therefore, monthly washing is highly recommended. How do you do it?

But how to separate the baby and the stuffed animal without chaos?

Baby with stuffed animal

We all know how difficult it is to separate our child from his stuffed animal.

I have a little trick for you that worked great with my son. The stuffed animal has gone on a trip with his friends' stuffed animals.

And of course! Moms are all in on the trick, and we all wash our kids' stuffed animals at the same time.

Find a playful way to justify the absence of a stuffed animal and who will talk to your little one. Consider your favorite activities. Find an idea that will put a smile on your child's face.

Feel free to share your tips, I'll be happy to read them ;)

One last anecdote: when I travel, and my son has to put his stuffed animal in the X-ray machine. I tell him that the lady looking at the screen is going to see if his bear is healthy.

Her crying turns into a smile and she quickly places her little stuffed animal on the rug. It's magic!

Come on, let's get back to our stuffed animal cleaning methods!

But also, first of all, remember to check the instructions on the label of your girl or boy's stuffed animal, and remove clothing and accessories.


Always test the product you use on a small area of ​​the stuffed animal beforehand.

How to wash a teddy bear?

Wash a stuffed animal

1 - Hand washing:

First of all, check that the stuffed animal can be cleaned! Then, put it in a container of warm water with a few drops of shampoo (child's shampoo, for example). Then gently scrub the stains with a small brush and rinse several times so that no shampoo remains. Twist, but not too much, so as not to damage the teddy bear, and dry by hanging the teddy bear on a thread with clothespins.

2 - Machine wash:

Place the bear in a pillowcase or net to protect it. Add a little liquid detergent, and choose a wool program or 30°c and a light spin cycle (400 to 500 rpm). Dry the teddy bear by wrapping it in a terry towel before hanging it on a thread.

3 - Home dry cleaning:

You can also wash your toy teddy bear without getting it wet! To do this, mix 2/3 baking soda and 1/3 flour. Pour everything into a bag. Add the teddy bear. Shake to mix well. Let it sit for about 5 hours. Remove the lint from the bag, shake it vigorously, and brush to remove all traces of the mixture.

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