Teddy Bears 🐻

Our adorable teddy bears

Since we are all big kids, we thought it was important to give you back the innocence you lost growing up. And for that, you have the material. There are more than 200 teddy bears that we offer you here. We even have extra large teddy bears !

To find what you need, you have two options. First, you can take the time to browse the pages and pay attention to what you like. Or the second option (the one we prefer 🤗), you can sort the teddy bears by preference thanks to the "tag" button in the upper right corner.

1) Bold colors

The main quality of our collection is choice. Given the large number of stuffed animals, it is difficult not to find what you are looking for. But of course, our collection has more than one string to its bow. Each of our stuffed animals follows a very strict protocol to guarantee compliance with our quality standard.

We apply a process that allows us to improve color reproduction. Thanks to this, plush will never be boring. Even after machine washing, it will still have a vibrant color.

2) Careful details

We firmly believe that a good plush is a perfect plush. That's why we are very interested in details. If you are a little curious and observant, you have already had the opportunity to realize this 🙂.

Below is an example of one of our achievements. This teddy bear is wearing a pretty dress decorated with roses. In his hand he carries a small stuffed bear . Around her neck is a necklace of roses that perfectly matches the color of her dress. A illuminated hood with artificial pink embalming spray covers her head.

For each of our models, we try to achieve this level of elegance. It's not an obvious game, but we have to admit that we're pretty good at it. 🤩

3) 100% cotton

Additionally, we strive to select only the highest quality materials. For a teddy bear, there is nothing better than good cotton. So that's what we've chosen! 🤗 Except for some models, our big and cute teddy bears are all made of 100% high-quality cotton.

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4) Ultra wide fibers

You'll only be able to see it if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of our giant cuddly teddy bears - the fibers are "ultra wide". What does that mean in concrete terms? 🤨 Save the scientific terms, an ultra-wide fiber is a fiber that allows great elasticity. It is very practical for children! 🙂 .

Thanks to this, they can use their strength without tearing off a head, arm or leg. And all the better, because it's still stupid to lose your best friend this way. The child is happy not to destroy everything he touches and the father is happy not to hear him crying his eyes out (and not to have to return the toy). What happiness! 🤩

5) Strict safety standards

We often forget that a Teddy Bear that does not follow certain safety instructions can potentially be a danger. Especially for children. The threat may be the eye that can swallow. Or the use of a toxic glue that can cause cancer. You can rest assured, there is nothing like that here! 🤗

We have developed a very strict charter of safety regulations so that these types of tragedies never occur. Remember: we are interested in keeping our clients alive and healthy. 😅

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