During his first years, an original doudou allows the child to move from the world he knows: his house, his parents, his bed, to the outside world that he is learning to discover: the nursery, the babysitter, the kindergarten, etc. Soft and full of tenderness, it is essential to choose one of the right size to offer excellent grip, without losing sight of it to avoid the risk of drama. Yes, unlike a stuffed animal that simply goes from the bed to the play mat, a stuffed animal is made to travel! So choosing a giant doudou can be an excellent solution. Much more than a simple toy for babies, it has true symbolism and reproduces the figure of the father and mother in their absence. With so much importance, at Peluches Fantasía , we understand that it is essential to choose the right doudou. That's why we offer a range of baby-friendly doudous , so that young parents can please their children. From the eternal bear doudou , to the friendly bunny doudou , without forgetting the newcomers like the elephant doudou , the gift ideas are also great! There are endless stuffed animals, dolls and teddy bears to choose from. Whether classic, flared, colored or bright, soft, solid or manageable, it's up to you to find the perfect companion! If you had to take into account some last tips, remember for example that a stuffed animal tends to get dirty and that it is essential that it can be washed easily. In case of loss, some young parents will appreciate having several copies of the same teddy bear to compensate for their great grief. Finally, you should know that the teddy bear can take many forms. Sometimes a simple puppet , a doll or a piece of cloth can become very attached to a child. After all, happiness and love are sometimes found in the simplest things.

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