Los 9 peluches más emblemáticos de películas y series de televisión

The 9 most iconic stuffed animals from movies and television series

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The most emblematic stuffed animals of cinema and television

Stuffed animals are found in all areas of life. They have proven to be extremely diligent, hardworking, and universally competent. There are stuffed animals that function as pets, dildos, influencers and even astronauts. However, some stuffed animals are born to perform. We've compiled a list of some of the most memorable plush roles in film and television.

Teddy (Mr. Bean, 1990-1995)

Bean (1990-1995) starred Rowan Atkinson as the hilarious Mr. Bean, a clumsy "kid in an adult's body" whose antics get him into all kinds of trouble. Bean is often completely unaware of how the world around him works, and has often had serious problems completing simple tasks. The plush star of the show is Bean's faithful companion, a knitted brown teddy bear with button eyes and sausage-shaped limbs. Teddy's role in the show required serious intervention, as the little bear was decapitated, shrunk in the wash, and used as a paintbrush. We just hope he has a good salary and a generous pension.

Teddy Mister Bean
You can findthe Mister Bean plush toy in our store.

Lotso (Toy Story 3, 2010)

As with human actors, some stuffed animals are often typed. Stuffed animals often end up playing cute background characters, like the pile of stuffed animals in which the protagonist of the 1982 film ET the Extraterrestrial was hiding. Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear - Lotso for short - was one of those stuffed actors who broke the mold and made things happen. Pink Bear played the main villain in Toy Story 3 (2010), allowing him to show just how good some stuffed actors can be. However, even Lotso had to fight his way to stardom: he appeared in Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 (1999) and Up (2009) before landing a starring role.

Lotso Toy Story

Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, 1966-present)

In 1966, Walt Disney Productions created a short film based on the Winnie the Pooh books by AA Milne, titled Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. The film was a huge success, spawning two sequels and a feature film combining the three stories in 1977. The franchise continued to grow with more than a dozen films, television series and merchandise, all starring a fictional version of the most famous stuffed animal in the world, Winnie the Pooh. The Disney franchise featured plenty of plushies, with Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, Tigger and Rabbit making the transition from the books to the media franchise, and the characters Owl and Gopher being added to the mix.

Winnie the Pooh

Fluffy nijdam (Eight, 2008)

The Fluffy leopard plush was discovered in the discount box of a Dutch toy store. She soon landed the role of Fluffy H. Nijdam in the 2008 drama Eight. Fluffy earned her first name and middle initial from the film's prop master, who bought the stuffed animal along with a set of pink plush handcuffs to wear. use it in one of the scenes of the movie. Fluffy became an avid traveler, visiting over 50 countries and launching the Instagram account "The Bite-Sized Backpacker."

Fluffy Nijdam

Artemis ClydeFrog (South Park, 1998-2011)

The animated sitcom South Park (1998-present) was never afraid of profanity and satire. One of the most stripped down characters in the series is Eric Cartman, a loud, hateful, amoral boy with a bad temper. However, like all other children, Cartman has a soft spot for his stuffed animals. Clyde the Frog lives with Rumpertumskin, Polly Prissypants, Peter Panda, and Muscleman Marc in Cartman's house in South Park. Although ClydeFrog was able to show his acting skills from time to time, his character died in season 15 of the series after an argument with Cartman. Cartman murdered the little frog to say goodbye to his childhood, blaming Polly Prissypants.

Artemis Clyde Frog

Feigenbaum (angel, 2004)

Feigenbaum the stuffed rabbit was the second stuffed actor in Joss Whedon's Buffyverse, after Mr. Fatty the stuffed pig, in three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) between 1997 and 1999. Feigenbaum appeared in the fifth season of the fantasy series Angel (1999-2004). In the series, he played scientist Winifred "Fred" Burkle's stuffed rabbit. Fred affectionately nicknamed the bunny "The Master of Chaos," as he was named after Mitchell Jay Feigenbaum, a mathematical physicist and pioneer in the study.

In the series, Feigenbaum tragically survived his owner after she was killed by an ancient demon. Feigenbaum's brief stint on the series may have brought many to tears.

Fluffy Angel plush against the vampires

Muffin (the black diamond, 2004 | luke and lucy: the texas rangers, 2009)

Luke and Lucy, formerly known as Spike and Suzy in English and as Willy and Wanda in American, are a Flemish comedy duo. Together they have appeared in almost 400 comics, a television series, and one live-action and one animated film. Lucy's best friend and "spiritual daughter" is the little rag doll Muffin (also known as Molly from Sawdust). Muffin plays an important role in many of the books, serving as a catalyst for the main story or coming to life through magic or science. He made his film appearance in The Dark Diamond (2004) and has not stopped since his first appearance in a comic in 1946.

Muffin Plush

TED (TED, 2011-2015)

Ted, a large teddy bear, landed a role in Seth MacFarlane's 2011 film Ted. In the film, Ted plays a character that his human friend wishes he could live. Unfortunately, Ted became a brash, rude and crude bear with alcohol problems. Ted and his co-star, Mark Wahlberg, managed to attract crowds at the box office and were approached to make a sequel in 2015.

Ted plush

In our teddy bear collection, you will find one Ted teddy bear with his bow tie and a second teddy bear with his red apron .

Pooky (The Garfield Show, 2008-2016)

In October 1978, the famous lazy orange cat Garfield discovered the teddy bear Pooky in a closet. The little bear quickly became Garfield's best friend. Pooky made several appearances on the 3D animated show The Garfield Show (2009-2016), where, like other famous teddy bears, he suffered abuse. But don't worry: Pooky has his own stunt double and was well cared for during production.

Garfield Plush Pooky

Garfield meets Pooky for the first time.

Which famous stuffed actor do you think should be added to the list?

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