¿Cómo ganar un peluche en la feria?

How do you catch a stuffed animal at the fair?

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The amusement park is one of the few times you can get a free stuffed animal. However, catching one can be difficult. Thanks to some techniques and methods, it is possible to put the wheel on your side and win the prettiest or largest stuffed animal in the window. This is how you do it...

Recognize the different existing machines

The pincer machine, which has become an essential element at fairs, offers its players the possibility of catching the stuffed animal they want. And to be the happy owner of a nice stuffed animal, just pinch it and wind it to get it. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems, and the proof is that only a maximum of 10 people manage to win a stuffed animal on holidays.

Plush Fair Machine

Above all, to maximize your chances of winning a stuffed animal at the fair , it is essential to recognize the various gripping machines out there, in addition to their actual functionality. According to Chinese professional player Chen Zhitong, two types of machines are seen at fairs: those where your personal skills are the only means to help you win and those that are programmed and where the chance of winning is minimal or even non-existent.

However, it is almost impossible to recognize the type of machine without trying it. Therefore, to see if it is a robot designed simply to extract money or a device that allows you to earn using the right techniques, some methods can be used.

Know how to handle commands

The first trick to start challenging the grappling machine correctly is to hold the steering controls firmly. When perfectly tightened, they will help you direct the clamps easily and smoothly.

The orientation in which you place the clothespins is also an essential factor in increasing your chances of winning a teddy bear at the fair . By choosing the appropriate rotation angle, the player will be able to easily calculate the trajectory of the pincers and fall directly on the stuffed animal of their choice.

fair stuffed animal gripper machine

It is also essential to keep in mind that, apart from the fact that the clamp machine is a fair game and is therefore designed to entertain, to aim to win, it is useful to have a high level of concentration.

Captures areas according to the number of arms of the clamp

There are techniques that must be adopted in order to win a teddy bear at the fair . Before you start, be sure to keep an eye on the position of the stuffed animals inside the display case.

Next, note that machines can be equipped with 4-arm or 3-arm grippers. If you have a 4-arm pliers, remember to aim for the toy's belly so you can get a firm grip. If you have a 3-arm gripper machine, cover the ends of the toy instead of holding it by the ears. This will provide a better grip.

stuffed animal store

So you can try to win a stuffed animal at the fair, but the easiest thing would be to go directly to our store and simply choose the stuffed animal that suits you, such as our collection of panda stuffed animals .

Panda bear plush toys

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