Baby Bathrobe

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Gray Mouse 🐭
Blue Shark 🦈
Pink Shark 🦈
Hippopotamus 🦛
Cow 🐄
Raccoon 🦝
Green Owl 🦉
Red Owl 🦉
Fox 🦊
Leon 🦁
Monkey 🙊
Blue Mouse 🐭
Frog 🐸
Sheep 🐑
Princess 👸🏼
Panda Bear 🐼
Flower 🌼
Penguin 🐧
Chick 🐥
Monster 👾
Blue Dog 🐶
Pink Bee 🐝

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  • Why aren't babies allowed their bathrobes?

    Essential after the baby's bath, our Super Bathrobes are particularly cute , with animal models each more adorable than the other: shark, flower or princess bathrobe?

    Your baby becomes the most beautiful, dressed in his soft bathrobe!

    Make the sweetest gift for your baby, or plan for later - the bathrobe is suitable for newborns up to 18 months! It can also be the perfect gift for a birth or baby shower, make no mistake!

    Features of our baby bathrobes:

    ⭐️ Many different models : shark, flower, mouse, owl, princess...
    ⭐️ One size fits all for babies from 0 to 18 months .
    ⭐️ Hooded bathrobe.
    ⭐️ Belt to avoid losing your robe.
    ⭐️ Various applied and/or embroidered elements.
    ⭐️ Terry cloth , 100% cotton , weight 420 g/m2: for good water absorption.
    ⭐️ Soft , high-quality cotton fabric for comfort and to keep baby warm.

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